Operation Dragon Fire hosted a webinar in May entitled “Crisis Management Through Social Media Monitoring” hosted by Tracx. The purpose of this webinar was to discuss the challenges and complications of crisis management in the age of social media, and the vital role of deep listening for critical business intelligence. This purpose is perfectly in line with the mission statement of Operation Dragon Fire. By partnering with organizations such as Tracx, ODF is gaining a depth of knowledge and experience that will help shape the system platform.

Speakers at the conference included: Richard Serino (FEMA/Harvard Fellow), Kellie Benz (AirBnB), Brian Reich (UNHCR), and Kathleen Hessert (Sports Media Challenge). All speakers have an extensive background in crisis management and brought their different perspectives to the discussion. This was not an academic study of social media in crisis situations, but rather a sharing of insights from people who have been in the trenches during major disasters.

The following is a list of discussion topics covered during the webinar:

  • How social media complicates crisis management by growing the volume and escalating the velocity and amplification of rumors, half-truths, and well-meaning, though stale information
  • Explore the role real-time listening plays to enhance vigilant thinking and quicker, more decisive and appropriate action
  • Discover how social data can offer necessary insights into behaviors
  • Learn the practical challenges facing organizations from governments to corporations to first responders who must assess and act on a deluge of data with severely limited resources and expertise
  • Explore the role that “trust” plays regarding social media in crises
  • Discover new tools and approaches being developed to help leaders in all sectors manage the actual crises, critical communications, and recovery

Thank you to everyone who participated, and we hope that you will join us for similar events in the months to come.